ClimeMET CM1037 Traditional Copper Rain Gauge


  • Our new range of copper rain gauges are quickly proving to be popular amongst home weather watchers!

    Our 1037 Basic Traditional Copper Rain Gauge was described by Amateur Gardening as "A quality rain gauge beautifully made and likely to last a lifetime" and received a great score of 13/15 based on features, performance and value for money.

    The traditional copper rain gauge consists of a copper and brass funnel, copper collector and calibrated plastic measure. The rain is collected and funnelled into the inner plastic measure from which the contents can be measured. Any additional rainfall is collected in the large copper body of the rain gauge and can be measured by pouring it into the supplied measuring jar.

    Copper rain gauges are universally used by meteorologists, academics and in commercial applications. Due to the inclusion of brass, this basic copper rain gauge provides a low cost option compared to our Professional Copper Rain Gauge for those wanting a stylish way of measuring rainfall at home.

    Please note, copper rain gauge does not have gold band around top of funnel.

    • Basic copper and brass rain gauge consisting of a copper funnel and plastic measure
    • Comes complete with calibrated plastic measure and yearly rainfall chart CM5011.
  • Diameter Opening 123mm
    Units of Measure Plastic measure calibrated in millimetres and inches

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