ClimeMET CM7-TX Temperature Transmitter


  • The CM7-TX temperature transmitter is compatible with the ClimeMET CM7048 Wireless Temperature Station, and allows you to measure the temperature in additional locations.

    The CM7048 can display temperature data from 3 sensors in total, and comes with one included, allowing you the option to add 2 additional sensors. Ideal if you're looking to measure temperature in the garden and the greenhouse.

    The CM7-TX can also be used as a replacement for a damaged CM7048 sensor, or can be used as a standalone unit to show temperature for a given location.

    • Displays outdoor temperature
    • Compatible with ClimeMET CM7048
  • Transmission Frequency 433 MHz
    Transmission Distance 100 metres (in open field)
    Dimensions 91mm x 70mm x 32.5mm
    Power Requirements 2 x AAA batteries

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