Dingens Transparent Glass Eco-celli Barometer


  • The Eco-celli barometer does not contain any mercury or other hazardous substances. It measures the air pressure, based on the compression of gas.

    On the left side, you'll see a normal liquid barometer. The actual barometer scale is placed in the middle, and has to be set to the room temperature.

    Liquid barometers can create a centre piece to any home or can provide a unique teaching aid for schools. This barometer allows students to actually see the effects of atmospheric pressure on the liquid in the barometer, a visual reinforcement missed when digital instruments are used.

    • Consists of a 64-inch long U-shaped tube, filled with a red fluid and gas, and 32-inch long blue methyl-alcohol thermometer
    • A unique scale that slides between the thermometer and barometer compensates for thermal expansion of the fluid and glass tubing due to changes in room temperature, and allows for the accurate measurement of air pressure
    • Due to the intricate nature of this weather instrument and the high standard it is finished to, the barometer will take one to two weeks for delivery. Please contact a member of our team for an exact delivery estimate
  • Temperature Measurement °F and °C
    Pressure Range 29-31 inHg / 975-1050 mb
    Temperature Range 0 - +50°C / -32 - 120°F
    Dimensions 980mm x 130mm x 120mm
    Weight 250g

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