Dingens Traditional Glass Mounted Weather Dials


  • Unique design has been combined with classic craftsmanship to create this delicate yet traditional weather station.

    Three individual dials display temperature, pressure and humidity, mounted on a solid clear glass back plate. The centre piece of this weather station is a hand calibrated barometer with large cut away, so that the intricacies of the inner pressure mechanism can be admired.

    • Three chrome weather instruments mounted on clear glass
    • Thermometer measuring in Fahrenheit and Celsius
    • Barometer with readings in inches and millibars (HPa)
    • Hygrometer measuring the relative humidity in percent
  • Temperature Range -20 - +50°C / 0 - 120°F
    Pressure Range 29-31 in. / 970 - 1060 hPa
    Humidity Range 0 - 100%
    Dial Face White
    Dial Casing Chrome
    Dimensions 340mm x 120mm x 10mm

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