Dingens 5-inch Dial Mahogany Barometer


  • Designed exclusively for Metcheck, this handcrafted mahogany barometer features a 5-inch brass dial with exposed precision pressure movement.

    The gold finished barometer face measures pressure in inches, mbars and mms, all nestled in a brass dial casing.

    This lovely round barometer is suitable for wall mounting in a home office or entrance way and would make an exquisite gift for the weather watcher in your life.

    • Created exclusively for Metcheck by Dingens
    • Classic brass and mahogany aneroid barometer
    • Solid wood surround
    • Measurements in both inHg and mb
    • Open faced mechanism
  • Pressure Range 29-31 in. / 970 - 1060 hPa
    Overall Dimensions 7 inches (175mm)
    Brass Dial Dimensions 5 inches (135mm)
    Dial Casing Brass

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