Dingens Innovacelli Glass Barometer


  • This barometer uses a combination of 8 vacuum metal containers which react to the changing air pressure to give an extremely accurate measurement of even the slightest change in air pressure.

    These movements are passed onto a liquid in a glass capillary tube which in turn can display the pressure readings. The combination of air pressure boxes that contain a liquid is unique and guarantees that the pressure is conveyed without any friction occurring.

    The Innovacelli Barometer offers you a large (45 mm/100 hPa), and exceptionally accurate, scale range for a very clear reading of the pressure.

    • Traditional stick shaped barometer utilising a modern glass backdrop
    • Large 45 mm / 100 hPa accurate scale range for clear reading
    • Quick and easy calibration via an altitude dial on the bottom of the scale
    • Innovative mercury free barometer
    • Due to the intricate nature of this weather instrument and the high standard it is finished to, the barometer will take one to two weeks for delivery. Please contact a member of our team for an exact delivery estimate
  • Dimensions 1150mm x 180mm x 130mm
    Weight 7kg

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