Dingens Mahogany Barometer


  • This small but accurate barometer dial is encased in a lovely round mahogany mount.

    The Met-325 is only 5½ inches in diameter, so unlike other larger Metcheck wooden barometers, it is ideal for mounting in the cabin of a boat.

    The instrument features a precision aneroid movement barometer with a gold finish dial calibrated in inches and millibars, all mounted on solid wood.

    • Classic brass and mahogany aneroid barometer
    • Solid wood surround
    • Measurements in both inHg and mb
    • Open faced mechanism
  • Pressure Range 29-31 in. / 970 - 1060 hPa
    Overall Diameter 5.5 inches (140mm)
    Brass Dial Diameter 3.25 inches (80mm)
    Dial Casing Brass
    Weight 150g