Metcheck M14 Mini Polycarbonate Stevenson Screen


  • The M14 Mini Screen, like all of our acrylic screens, requires no maintenance apart from routine cleaning.

    It features a strong UPVC roof, with air spaces at the base to permit ventilation. It has one door that hinges downwards and can be padlocked for security.

    The shelter is large enough to house a set of sheathed Min/Max instrument screen thermometers or a single Min/Max thermometer or hygrometer. The rigid back plate, to which the instruments can be attached, gives ample support.

    The M14 Mini Stevenson Screen is available with either a pole or wall mounting kit; please select mounting option before ordering.

    • Fixes simply to a pole or wall. Please select mounting option before ordering
    • Excellent protection against solar radiation
    • Improved protection against wind-blown precipitation
    • Secure installation of instruments with a stable mounting plate
    • Durable UV stable plastic
  • Interior Dimensions 175mm x 70mm x 340mm
    Exterior Dimensions 180mm x 96mm x 430mm
    Overlapping Roof Dimensions 215mm x 135mm x 10mm
    Weight 3.8kg

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