Technoline WS6502 Colour Display Forecast Station


  • Vibrant, colourful, and easy to read, the WS6502 from Technoline is the brightest display console in our catalogue.

    The weather station is presented in a black and silver base unit, with weather and time/date information displayed in a rainbow of colour.

    This splash of colour not only helps to brighten a dull day, but also lends clarity to the data, with each section of information having a different colour code.

    • DCF-77 radio controlled clock with manual setting option
    • Time zone setting
    • Date display
    • 2 alarms with snooze
    • Indoor and outdoor temperature in °C or °F
    • MIN/MAX recording
    • Weather forecast icons and temperature trend
    • Air pressure display, 12 h pressure history and air pressure tendency
    • Low battery indicator
    • Suitable for wall mounting or table standing
  • Station Dimensions 183mm x 65mm x 80 mm
    Transmitter Dimensions 62mm x 20mm x 62 mm
    Console Power Requirements 3 x AAA Micro LR 03
    Sensor Power Requirements 2 x AAA Micro LR 03

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