Technoline WT643 Premium Collection Weather Clock


  • Beautifully crafted, the WT643 Premium Collection Weather Clock includes a modern glass column where laser cut forecast symbols illuminate. Opposite to this sits an adjustable arm which projects the time, making it the perfect bedside weather clock.

    Taking inspiration from some of the leading names in the technology market, this multi-feature unit incorporates design and functionality superbly. Solidly built but compact in form, the WT643 has a high-gloss white finish which allows this clock to sit stylishly in any room.

    • Quartz clock
    • 12/24 hour display
    • Date and weekday display (7 languages)
    • Alarm with snooze
    • Forecast weather icons
    • Inside and outdoor temperature display in °C or °F
    • Indoor and outdoor humidity display
    • White LED light
    • 3D Weather symbols lasered in glass
    • Adjustable time projection arm
  • Temperature Range -10°C - +50°C (14°F - 122°F)
    Temperature Accuracy +/- 2°C
    Station Dimensions 160mm x 28mm x 110 mm
    Transmitter Dimensions 62mm x 62mm x 20 mm
    Console Power Requirements 3 x AAA Micro LR 03
    Transmitter Power Requirements 2 x AAA Micro LR 03

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