TFA Garden Rain Gauge With Lift-Out Cylinder


  • This rain gauge has a smaller capacity and funnel diameter than others in our range, making it ideal for those wanting a compact and unobtrusive garden rain gauge.

    Hiding behind its minimalist appearance are some handy features including a lift-out cylinder, making it exceptionally straightforward to measure and empty rainfall. Simply lift the measuring cylinder from the mounting bracket and hold at eye level for improved accuracy when taking measurements.

    This rain gauge also features TFA's patented rotating memory ring allowing you to keep track of rainfall readings by rotating the scale at the top of the gauge in line with the memory indicator. Add up incremental measurements over a longer period of time.

    The mounting bracket can be attached to a 26mm pole (not included) for easy installation, and for best results, should be placed around 1 metre from ground level.

    • Lift-out measuring cylinder for improved accuracy
    • Easy emptying
    • Patented rotating memory ring for remembering data
    • Compatible with 26mm pole for mounting (not included)
  • Measurement Range 0-40mm
    Height 200mm
    Funnel Diameter 89mm

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