Discover Winter Weather Watching

January 19, 2021

Discover Winter Weather Watching

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In the same way that the conditions you would expect to encounter change during the seasons, so too does the equipment required for weather watching at different times of the year. We've put together some of our cold-weather favourites for winter weather watching, from frost-resistant rain gauges, to window thermometers you can read from the warmth of your home.

Read on to discover our top recommendations for the chilly months ahead.

Frost-Resistant Rain Gauge

For those keeping rainfall records year-round with the help of a rain gauge and rainfall chart, you'll need a rain gauge that is up to the challenge, which is why we recommend the ClimeMET CM1016 Professional Manual Rain Gauge. This rain gauge is frost-resistant, meaning it is much less likely to crack when the temperature drops in winter. What's more, it comes complete with a ClimeMET CM5011 Rainfall Chart which includes tips for melting snow to measure it in your rain gauge. If melting snow by a fire indoors, we'd recommend using a copper rain gauge such as the Russell Scientific L5.

ClimeMET CM1016 Rain Gauge


Window Thermometer

There will be some winter days when the cold, wet weather is a little off-putting. In these conditions, a window thermometer is the perfect way to measure outdoor temperatures from the warm comfort of your home. These little gadgets are ideal for those living in flats or with limited space, and many models also record minimum and maximum readings, such as the TFA Vision Solar Window Thermometer. The time-controlled auto backlight even allows for taking readings after dark, which is handy when sunset is as early as 4pm in winter.

TFA Solar Vision Thermometer

Stevenson Screen

Many think of Stevenson Screens as being particularly useful in summer, when the UV-resistant material and air spaces in the design help to prevent the over-heating (and therefore over-reading) of equipment. While this is a key benefit, an instrument shelter also has a role to play in winter, keeping any equipment protected from wind, rain and snow. The MetSpec M14 Mini Polycarbonate Stevenson Screen is large enough to house a set of sheathed Min/Max instrument screen thermometers or a single Min/Max thermometer or hygrometer.

M14 Stevenson Screen

Soil Thermometer

Limited sunshine hours can make growing decisions difficult as spring approaches. A soil thermometer such as the TFA Combination Soil Probe can make life a little easier, giving readings for moisture and light, to help you best determine where to plant, and more importantly when to plant, as ground temperatures can remain below air temperatures even as spring arrives.

TFA Combination Soil Probe

Indoor Thermometer/Hygrometer

Winter weather watching naturally focuses on the outside world, but the air quality inside your home is especially important at this time of year when it's much more difficult to ventilate. A compact digital indoor thermometer/hygrometer such as the Technoline WS9420 with Mold Alert is a simple solution. The intelligent unit will indicate whether the air is too dry or too damp, and provide a mold alert. Also suitable for the greenhouse or potting shed.

WS9420 Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer


For those looking for a hobby to last them through winter and beyond, we'd recommend a barograph. A beautifully constructed instrument allowing you to chart air pressure readings on paper charts. With daily observations, and weekly rituals such as changing the barograph chart, it's a fantastic way to stay connected to the outside world from indoors.

Russell Scientific Jubilee Barograph

View the complete Winter Weather Watching collection here.

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