About us

About Metcheck

Metcheck have been supplying professional meteorological equipment since the company was started in 1981 and now boasts one of the largest ranges of professional meteorological instrumentation in the UK. Our products are used in industrial, scientific and domestic situations around the world.

Here at Metcheck we are committed to offering only the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. Whatever your need, be it an introduction to meteorology or an exquisite piece to complete your collection Metcheck are happy to offer advice over the phone and through our online shop to help you find the perfect weather product.

Our Product Range:

Metcheck are proud to offer a wide variety of products and services, from small handheld devices and calibrated rain gauges to hand crafted barometers and barographs.

We pride ourselves in supplying a comprehensive range of barograph charts for all types of barographs and drum recorders such as Negretti & Zambra, Short & Mason, Lambrecht.... Our area of expertise lies in sourcing rare of unique barograph charts so if you cannot find the chart paper you are looking for from our online range please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to match your current supply.

On-line Weather:

Visit the online weather website of our sister company, Skyview at skylinkweather.com for current weather information from the UK and from over 8,000 locations around the world. There are no fees, subscription or even a log-in, just great weather information, displayed in an easy-to-read format.

Just click on a location on the weather map to view a summary of current data. You can also view historical data graphed over any 24-hour period in the previous 7 days, or even download the raw data in CSV format to you own PC. And for weather on the move, point your mobile device at wap.skylinkweather.com.