Barograph Pens & Ink

Metcheck supply a comprehensive range of fibre tip and stainless steel metal nibs for recorders, which are matched to the relevant papers to produce clear, trouble free recording. Our 10ml bottles of recording ink are available in Blue, Green and Red all suitable for use with our range of recording pens and chart paper.

Many of the pens we stock are made according to the specifications given by the recorder manufacturers. However, we also provide a range of "universal" pens that has been developed for use on a wide range of recorders.

As a guide, we recommend changing your fibre tip pen every 12-18 months. If you use barograph ink, this should be topped up weekly.

Our barograph pens are also often compatible with a variety of other devices such as polygraph machines/lie detectors, oscillographs, and medical monitoring devices. Please email a photograph of the recording pen you have and our team will be happy to see if it can be matched to one in our range.