Setting Up Your Tide Clock

January 01, 2016

Setting Up Your Tide Clock

A Tide Clock is designed to give you; the user, a quick indication of how many hours remain until high or low tide. Metcheck supply a range of tide indicators, our most popular of which is the CM4305 ClimeMET Tide Clock. A tide clock is perfect for teaching beach safety or planning a day out on the high seas.

To set your Tide Clock

ClimeMET Tide Clocks are suitable for mounting in or outdoors and are completely weatherproof. Be sure to locate your tide instrument in an area where is will remain undisturbed inside or outside. Always mount away from direct sunlight.

1. Establish your local high tide time by checking the BBC Tide Tables.

2. At exactly high tide set the clock in its high tide position (hand pointing straight up). You can adjust the hand by turning the small wheel on the back of the movement.
WARNING: Do not physically push the hand as this will damage the movement.

3. For best accuracy across a calendar month, set or re-set the tide clock on the day of a full moon. Full moon dates can be found using the Moon Phase Calendar at



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