Brannan Gardener's Composting/Hotbed Thermometer


  • We're delighted to welcome this composting thermometer to Metcheck's gardening range, alongside our popular existing soil thermometers. It has a spiked point for easy insertion into the ground and a bright red cap so that you can identify where in the garden you have placed it. Also suitable for greenhouses and exotic plants.

    Although similar in style to our soil thermometers, this hotbed thermometer has a much greater temperature range, with the upper end of the scale reaching 110°C to allow for the high temperatures achieved in compost piles, with the optimal temperature for the composting process being around 60°C - 70°C. The scale also provides readings in Fahrenheit.

    • Measures high soil temperatures, ideal for composts and greenhouses
    • Made from durable aluminium
    • To ensure the accuracy of your thermometer, simply wipe the probe clean after each use
    • Do not leave the device inserted into the soil for prolonged periods of time
    • Not suitable for water measurements
  • Scale -10°C to +110°C / 0°F to +230°F
    Accuracy +/- 1°C
    Overall Dimensions 322 x 18 x 18 mm
    Weight 50g

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