Lambrecht 1604 Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder

3 Week Lead Time (MET-1604)

  • The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder is manufactured to the British Meteorological Office's specification. The sphere is made from well-annealed optical glass and the hours of sunshine are recorded onto a card inserted into the base of the recorder.

    Maintenance-free, the sunshine recorder reliably measures year round sunshine hours. Two models are available: the choice depends on the latitude at which the recorder is to be used.

    For use in the UK, which sits at 51° Latitude North, choose the MET-1604 25-60°.

    For use between 0-40° Northern or Southern Latitude, choose the MET-1603.

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    • Two models available depending on recording latitude
    • Measuring element made from well-annealed optical glass sphere
    • Housing finished in RAL 5009 azure and black
    • Easy to adjust by built-in box level
    • Maintenance-free - now and then use a shammy cloth to dust the glass sphere
  • Dimensions 200mm x 180mm x 250mm
    Weight 5.7kg

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