ClimeMET CM1016 Professional Manual Rain Gauge


  • The ClimeMET CM1016 Professional Manual Rain Gauge has an accurate and clear display making it ideal for use at home, in the garden, on the allotment or farm.

    Suitable for use over a wide range of temperatures, the 1016 is frost resistant with carefully crafted components to stabilise the gauge for many years of use outside.

    An inner measuring tube is marked in easy-to-read 0.5mm graduations and has a capacity of 25mm. The rain gauge has an overall capacity of 225mm meaning the instrument can be left for some time before an overall reading is collected and an average for the period of time is calculated. Alternatively measurements could be noted down daily with the aid of the CM5011 Rainfall Chart.

    • Accurate manual rain gauge
    • Large overspill capacity
    • Temperature and frost resistant
    • Easy to read 0.5mm markings on inner tube
  • Inner Measuring Tube Capacity 25mm
    Overall capacity (including overspill volume) 225mm
    Height 360mm
    Funnel Diameter 100mm

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