ClimeMET CM3012 Perspex Window Thermometer


  • The CM3012 is a self-adhesive window thermometer which is designed to be attached to the outside of your window.

    It's perfect for those who aren't able to place remote temperature sensors outside, for example if living in a flat. Simply attach the window thermometer to the outside of your window, and read outdoor temperatures from the warmth of inside your home.

    Easy to read thick black numbers and a fog resistant Perspex disk means you can view outdoor temperature in Celsius easily.

    The 3012 Window Thermometer is easy to attach, and can be partially removed to aid window cleaning. The unit can be completely removed from the window but please note you will not be able to re-attach it in another location.

    • Temperature measured in Celsius
    • Clear Perspex with black numbering and matt stainless steel indicator
    • Self-adhesive two part locking system
  • Diameter 10.5cm
    Total Depth 3cm
    Measurement Range -40°C to +50°C

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