Comitti of London Bracket Barometer with 8" Dial


  • Comitti remains the oldest traditional barometer maker in the world with a heritage that goes back to Evangelista Torricelli who made the first mercury barometer in the 17th century.

    Made from solid mahogany, this aneroid bracket barometer has an 8" diameter dial with an open face enamel finish, allowing you a glimpse into the intricate workings of the mechanism.

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    • Temperature-compensated precision aneroid movement
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Enamel finish 8" diameter dial calibrated in inches and millibars
    • Hand-polished mahogany case
    • Bevelled glass and lacquered brass furniture
  • Measurement Range 28 - 31 inHg or 950 - 1050mb
    Dial Diameter 8"
    Overall Diameter 10.2"
    Unboxed Weight 1.55Kg

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