Maximum AIR External Temperature Sensor


  • Outside air temperature sensor for the Criterion, Mini-Max, Mystic and WeatherMAX. Supplied with 60” 2-core wire.

    The AIR sensor element is a precision thermistor; a solid state device which changes its resistance, inversely proportional with temperature from 150,000 Ohms at low end to 1,500 Ohms at high end. Interchangeability of thermistors is ± 0.2°C; time constant 10 sec.

    • The Maximum AIR temperature sensor works with the Criterion, Mini-Max and Mystic
    • The AIR sensor element is a precision thermistor, which changes its resistance inversely proportional with temperature.
    • Probe is made from nickel-plated brass
  • Overall Height 3 Inches
    Housing Diameter 2 Inches
    Probe Dimensions 0.5 x 1 Inches

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