Metcheck Medium Fibre Nib


Blue Pen
Red Pen
Black Pen
  • Medium length fibre nib recording pen to fit traditional barograph arms available in either blue, red or black. Each pen has a plastic clip so that it can be carefully slotted on to your existing barograph arm. 

    This fibre nib is a disposable pen and therefore not intended for use with Metcheck barograph ink. If you are unsure which barograph pen or nib is suitable for your instrument please email a member of our team and we would be happy to suggest some options.

    • Medium length fibre nib to fit traditional style barograph arms
    • Each pen has a plastic clip on the back. Just place the metal arm of your barograph along the centre of the nib and firmly close the plastic clip over it.
    • Disposable type fibre nib which last around 12 months
  • Overall Length 21mm
    Overall Width 8mm
    Overall Height 13mm

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