Maximum Comfort Minder


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  • The Maximum Comfort Minder tracks both inside temperature and relative humidity. It is completely self-contained and designed for indoor use (although it is suitable for outside use in certain protected locations).

    With no external wires or sensors, the Comfort Minder is an ideal instrument to mount on a Maximum Mahogany or Oak Single Instrument Panel.

    Relative humidity is simply an indication of how saturated the air is. Changes in relative humidity can have a substantial effect our comfort level, thus our overall demeanour. The Comfort Minder is a highly accurate instrument and calibrated to +/- 5% relative humidity.

    Choose the finish you would like for your Maximum dial when adding this item to basket. Please note, some variations have a lead time of 1 week. If this is the case, it will be indicated under the product title when selected.

    • Inside temperature readings from 20°F to 110°F
    • Inside humidity readings from 10% to 100% RH
    • Fully self-contained; requires no external sensors or power source
    • Solid brass case
  • Temperature Accuracy +/-2 °F
    Humidity Accuracy +/-5% RH (20-80% RH)
    Dial Dimensions 4.75" Diameter
    Case Dimensions 6.5" Diameter; 2.75" Deep
    Power Self-powered

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