Metcheck 10ml Bottle of Recording Ink


Blue Ink
Green Ink
Red Ink
  • Metcheck supply a range of specially designed recording inks ideal for use with the Metcheck range of barographs and chart papers. Our ink is a special slow drying / slow evaporating product that has been specially designed for chart recorders. Traditional barographs use a wet bucket nib which should hold one or two drops of ink lasting about a week. A 10ml bottle of Metcheck barograph ink should last around 18 months.

    Metcheck barograph ink comes in a 10ml bottle and is available in various colours; traditionally Blue ink is used for barographs and pressure drum recorders; Green ink is used for hygrographs and humidity drum recorders and Red ink is used for thermographs and temperature drum recorders.

    • 10ml bottle of barograph ink
    • Slow drying / slow evaporating ink
  • Wet Bucket Nib Capacity 1/2 drops of ink lasing a couple of weeks
    Bottle Capacity 10ml
    Life Span Around two years depending on use

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