Metcheck 3/D/997/X Hygrograph Chart


  • 3/D/997/X is a unique 1 day hygrograph chart measuring 0-100% relative humidity between 9am-9am.

    Printed in grey this NEGRETTI designed chart is supplied in packs of 100 charts, enough for 100 days of records.

    • 1 day (24hrs) chart
    • 9am-9am, marked at 1hr intervals
    • Relative humidity: 0-100%
    • Length: 305mm (12")
    • Height: 90mm (3.5")
    • Please note there is no self-adhesive strip on these charts, we advise that you use our barograph tape for un-gummed charts.
  • Manufacturer NEGRETTI
    Humidity 0-100%
    Length 305mm (12")
    Height 90mm (3.5")

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