Metcheck B661 Barograph Chart


  • Chart B661 is a small Monday start barograph chart printed in orange, measuring from 960 - 1066mb. Paper size is 243mm x 70mm. Each pack contains 100 charts which is two years’ worth of barograph papers.

    Traditional non-adhesive barograph charts ideal for recording drums that have a clip to hold the chart in place. If your barograph does not have a clip Metcheck suggest using our chart tape to hold the sheets in place.

    • Monday start, 7 day week charts
    • Measures: 960 - 1060 mb of pressure
    • Length: 243mm (9.5")
    • Height: 70mm (2.7")
    • Please note there is no self-adhesive strip on these charts, we advise that you use our barograph tape for un-gummed charts.
  • Measures 960 - 1060 mb of pressure
    Length 243mm (9.5")
    Height 70mm (2.7")

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