Metcheck DB289/187 Barograph Chart


  • Chart DB289/187 is a small Monday start barograph chart in our range. Printed in grey; measuring from 960 – 1040mb, the DB289/187 is slightly different to other small charts as it has the days of the week printed on both the top and bottom of the chart paper. Paper size is 225mm x 60mm. Each pack contains 100 charts which is two years’ worth of barograph papers.

    Traditional non-adhesive barograph charts ideal for recording drums that have a clip to hold the chart in place. If your barograph does not have a clip Metcheck suggest using our chart tape to hold the sheets in place.

    • Sunday TOP/Monday BOTTOM
    • Measures: 960 - 1040 mb of pressure
    • Length: 225mm (8.8")
    • Height: 60mm (2.3")
    • Please note there is no self-adhesive strip on these charts, we advise that you use our barograph tape for un-gummed charts.
  • Measures 960 - 1040 mb of pressure
    Length 225mm (8.8")
    Height 60mm (2.3")

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