Metcheck H15 Sheathed Minimum Thermometer


  • Hand crafted in Germany to the Met Office pattern (BS962); the H15 minimum thermometer is designed specifically for use in a Stevenson’s screen instrument shelter. The H15 measures between -25°C to +50°C with 0.5°C graduated markings.

    Usually mounted in a thermometer screen with a 2° incline to the horizontal, the ethanol filled minimum thermometers indicate the extremes of ambient air temperature experienced since the instruments last reset.

    • Sheathed glass minimum thermometer (Met Office Pattern BS692)
    • Suitable for use with the Metcheck M11 or M12 Stevenson Screen
    • Can be mounted with a pack of M2 Brass Thermometer Clips
    • Grey markings on a white background with a rounded glass end
  • Length 340mm
    Diameter 13mm
    Weight 65g
    Measurement Range -25°C to +50°C

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