Metcheck N3 Weather Record Pad Chart


  • Metcheck Weather Record Pad: one pad includes 25 monthly sheets for recording your daily weather observations; a little over two years worth. Ideal for those wishing to keep daily records for basic parameters including temperature, wind speed, rainfall, pressure and cloud cover.

    For accurate records, make sure that your manual or electronic weather instruments are read at the same time every day. This weather chart includes space to enter your daily and monthly weather observations allowing you to monitor changing weather patterns in your own garden.

    • Each sheet has room for one months' worth of data
    • Data entry fields for monthly totals and averages
    • Ideal for recording from electronic or manual weather equipment including instrument screens
    • One pack of N3 charts includes 25 individual sheets; enough charts for two years' worth of weather watching
  • Dimensions 297mm x 210mm

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