Metcheck Stainless Steel Barograph Pen


  • Conventional stainless steel triangular-type wet ink barograph nib often used on older barographs, and handmade in the UK.

    We cannot be certain they fit all or any type of barograph arm but from experience the metal pen has fitted on to practically all old barographs using a single pen. To fit to your barograph simply gently open the small grips to slide over the end of your barograph arm, the nib is then clasped on using a pair of pliers to carefully but firmly close the clasps.

    Barograph pens may also be referred to as barograph markers.

    • Conventional stainless steel barograph nib
    • Triangular-bucket wet ink nib
    • Frequently used on older barographs
  • Length 20mm
    Height 6mm

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