MetSpec M12 EXCEL Acrylic Stevenson Screen


  • With a tough aluminium and plastic exterior, the M12 EXCEL offers outstanding protection from the heating effects of solar radiation and direct exposure to rain and snow.

    The innovative design features a durable white powder-coated frame and robust outer louvers (which are resistant to UV radiation and chemical attack) combined with an inner barrier of non-reflective, black louvers. This prevents sunlight and reflected radiation reaching the sensors or thermometers, whilst still allowing air to flow across them.

    Using the same exceptional quality screen as supplied with the M12, the EXCEL Acrylic and Polycarbonate Stevenson Screen is available with a pre-mounted nylon Lorraine Cross thermometer rail. This rail allows users to vertically mount two ordinary thermometers to create a hygrometer, along with one horizontal maximum thermometer and one horizontal minimum thermometer. To select this option, simply choose the option before proceeding to checkout.

    Also available with the option of adding a ClimeMET CM6019 Instrument Screen Stand at a saving of £25 compared to purchasing separately.

    Please note, you will need to select 'Fragile Shipping' for this item at checkout. For international shipping, please contact us for a quote before purchase so that we can arrange a custom invoice for you.

    • Extremely durable design
    • Improved protection against wind-blown precipitation
    • Secure installation of thermometers, with stable mounting
    • Durable white reflective UV stable plastic and aluminium frame
    • A4 grade (316) stainless steel bolts used throughout
    • Padlockable doors at the front which hinge downwards
  • Interior Dimensions 396mm x 219mm x 418mm

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