Russell Scientific 4-inch Mahogany Barometer


  • A hand-crafted 4 116 inch diameter dial barometer with concave mount, finished with a crisp white face. Overall product diameter is 6 inches.

    This delightful little barometer, the MET-J9, is the smaller cousin of the MET-J6. Its size is part of its charm and, with its beautiful bevelled glass and solid mahogany mount, it is the perfect gift.

    Traditionally a scientific instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure, the classic aneroid barometer with a round dial face has become a familiar sight in many homes across Britain.

    • Concave rim with crisp white face and bevelled glass
    • Measures in inHg and millibars
  • Pressure Range 28 - 31 inHg or 950 - 1050mb
    Dial Diameter 4 116 Inches
    Overall Diameter 6 Inches
    Weight 450g

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