TFA Outdoor Weather Station


  • Outdoor weather station made from robust stainless steel with barometer, thermometer and hygrometer.

    The H13 includes a barometer that can be adjusted to your home area. Simply turn the adjustment screw at the back of the station to the right until the pressure needle coincides with actual atmospheric pressure according to local sources such as Met Office Weather.

    • Robust stainless steel weather station suitable for outdoor use
    • Barometer, thermometer and hygrometer
    • Suitable for wall mounting
    • Includes temperature and humidity guidelines for comfortable living conditions
  • Temperature Range -35 - +55°C
    Pressure Range 975 - 1045 hPa
    Humidity Range 0 - 100%
    Weight 465g
    Dimensions 221mm x 160mm x 68mm
    TFA Product Code 20.2010.60

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