TFA Brass Weather Station


  • Traditional brass bezel weather station consisting of barometer, thermometer and hygrometer indicators. Mounted in a plastic housing, the K6 is extremely lightweight and best suited to wall mounting in an office or living room.

    The accurate barometer displays atmospheric pressure which corresponds with the weight of the surrounding air masses and depends on the weather and your local altitude. When setting up your K6, remember to adjust your barometer by checking your local pressure reading online.

    • Barometer, thermometer and hygrometer
    • Suitable for wall mounting
    • Indoor use only
    • Made in Germany
  • Temperature Range -10°C - +50°C/span>
    Pressure Range 985 - 1035 hPa
    Humidity Range 20 - 100%
    Weight 200g
    Dimensions 136mm x 43mm x 147mm/span>
    TFA Product Code 20.3006.32

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