ClimeMET CM6068 Small Instrument Screen


  • The small ClimeMET Instrument Screen is designed to hold a u-tube maximum/minimum thermometer and masons hygrometer. These instruments form the foundations for basic meteorological monitoring, ClimeMET making the small instrument screen a firm favourite amongst home weather watchers.

    The new and improved 6068 has been stabilised for easy door opening giving a clear view of your instruments. This, along with the wider frame, makes it easier for the screen to house your masons wet and dry hygrometer.

    • Finished with multiple coat of brilliant white polyurethane gloss paint
    • Suitable for wall or post mounting
    • Space to mount a Min/Max thermometer and Masons wet and dry bulb hygrometer
  • Interior Dimensions 335mm x 220mm x 95mm
    Exterior Dimensions 385mm x 270mm x130mm

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