Metcheck M10 Instrument Screen Bundle


  • Brand new from Metcheck, an instrument screen starter kit featuring our best-selling small instrument screen along with a digital min/max thermometer and a traditional masons hygrometer.

    Save more than 10% when purchasing our instrument screen bundle compared to buying the component parts individually.

    Choose from the 'assembled' version which is finished with brilliant white polyurethane gloss paint or the 'unassembled' version which is an unpainted kit complete with step-by-step instructions for you to build yourself. Both screens are suitable for wall or post mounting.

    The CM3086 Digital Min/Max Thermometer included with your bundle features a constant graphical display of the minimum and maximum temperature, as well as a large LCD screen at the bottom of the unit to display the current readings. For min/max information to the nearest decimal simply press the Minimum/Maximum buttons at any time.

    The CM3505 Masons wet and dry bulb hygrometer is supplied mounted in a yellow plastic case complete with wick, reservoir and relative humidity conversion tables.

    • Instrument screen with space to mount a Min/Max thermometer and Masons wet and dry bulb hygrometer inside
    • Thermometer displays both °F and °C
    • Hygrometer features detachable water cistern
  • Interior Screen Dimensions (When Assembled) 335mm x 220mm x 95mm
    Exterior Screen Dimensions (When Assembled) 385mm x 270mm x130mm
    CM3086 Thermometer Dimensions 225mm x 60mm x 22mm
    CM3086 Thermometer Measurement Range -40°C to +50°C
    CM3505 Hygrometer Dimensions L300mm x W110mm

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