ClimeMET CM1014 Tapered Glass Rainfall Measure


  • Hand-crafted, tapered glass rainfall measure calibrated in millimetres. For use with any 5" copper rain gauge: simply pour the contents of your rain gauge’s internal measuring tube into the CM1014.

    Hold the CM1014 funnel vertically at eye level and read off the measurements. Depending on how much rain has been collected you may need to do this more than once.

    Recording rainfall readings on a day-to-day basis can provide an interesting and fun hobby or provide essential information to farmers, gardeners and schools.

    After taking your daily rainfall readings, replace the internal catchment funnel into your rain gauge and store away your 1014.

    Did you know that we offer three different Glass Rainfall Measures? The CM1012 measures in inches whilst the CM1013 measures in mm, both with a flat base. The CM1014 measures in mm with a tapered base, ideal for accurately measuring small amounts of precipitation.

    • Hand-crafted, glass rainfall measure
    • Tapered base, ideal for small amounts of precipitation
    • Designed to be used with 5" copper rain gauge
  • Overall Measuring Capacity 10mm of rain
    Rainfall Range 0.01 - 10mm of rain
    Marked Increments 0.1mm
    Height 300mm
    Opening Diameter 40mm

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