Lambrecht 290 Industrial Barograph

2 Week Lead Time (MET-290)

  • The most accurate barograph in our range, the MET-290 is comprised of carefully aged materials to guarantee the highest long-term stability.

    Nine capsules make up an aneroid capsule set - the measuring element of the barograph.

    These delicate mechanics are housed inside a robust metal housing making the 290 barograph suitable for floor, shelf or table top mounting.

    The compatible chart for this barograph is the Lambrecht 290 Barograph Chart.

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    • Manipulation proof
    • Precision mechanical measuring element
    • Clearly arranged display of results on smudge-resistant barograph charts
    • Pressure measuring element with overload protection for transport to up to 2700m altitude
    • White-coated metal case for protection against radiation influences
    • Suitable for use worldwide and across a large range of temperatures
  • Measuring Element Set of aneroid capsules (nickel silver), 9 fold
    Pressure Range 945 - 1051.7 hPa
    Pressure Accuracy +/- 0.2hPa
    Conditions Range -10°C - +50°C / 55 - 170m altitude
    Housing Dimensions 280 x 145 x 180mm
    RAL 9010 (clean white)
    Weight 3.3kg

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